Submerged Slurry Pump Submerged Slurry Pump  Submerged Slurry Pump


    How to increase the service life of slurry pump

    Break through the head limit (60 meters) of rubber pump, up to 70 meters

    Impellers and casings lined with Xinhai No. 35 high wear-resisting rubber, the life is 2-4 times longer than the life of metal pump.

    The rubber slurry pump with resistance to wear and corrosion and high head

    Packing sealing, simple and reliable, no leakage

    It is easy to replace wet parts

    【Product Structure】

    Submerged Slurry PumpSubmerged Slurry Pump

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    The main components of submerged slurry pump includes impeller, shaft, protective board, pump shell, packing box etc..

    【Technical Parameters】

    Specification Flow(m3/h) Head(m) Rotation Speed(r/min) Motor Maximum Power(Kw) Maximum Efficiency(%) Impeller Diameter(mm) Outlet Diameter(mm)
    40PV-SPR/XH 17.239-39.6 4-26.0 1000-2200 15 40 188 40
    60QV-SPR/XH 25.5-105 5.5-30.5 700-1500 30 51 280 65
    100RV-SPR/XH 64.8-285 7.5-36 600-1200 75 62 370 100
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