Alloy Slurry Pump Alloy Slurry Pump  Alloy Slurry Pump


    Xinhai alloy slurry pump has cantilever type and horizontal type, and the main working parts are impeller and casing. Impeller device in casing is located on shaft, and connects with the prime motor.

    In addition, double choices of high-chromium alloy and wear-resistant liners; double choice of packing sealing and centrifugal sealing.

    【Product Structure】

    Alloy Slurry PumpAlloy Slurry Pump

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    Xinhai alloy slurry pump achieves to increase pressure for conveying medium by centrifugal force.

    This is actually a process of energy transfer and conversion.

    The mechanical energy of high-speed rotation motor is transferred to pressure energy and kinetic energy of pumping the liquid by the pump vanes.

    【Technical Parameters】

    Model Flow Head Rotation Speed Maximum Power Maximum Efficiency Impeller Diameter
    m3/h m rpm Kw % cm
    50XPC 12-111 7.7-94 700-1480 55 44.7 3346
    80XPC 43-204 8 -70.4 700-1480 75 67.6 33363942
    100XPC 61-331 9.7-84.8 700-1480 132 71 33363942
    150XPC 111-582 8.7-71.1 490-980 185 75.8 48555863
    200XPC 199-948 13-97.5 490-980 355 82.5 58636873
    250XPC 272- 1374 14.4-92.4 490-980 500 76.5 63687390
    300XPC 477-2333 13.8-79.9 490-980 630 80.4 65708590
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