Useful Information


Addresses in Hungary&Budapest are generally given as an area code, city, street and number, floor, apartment number.

Example: in the address ’1073 Bp., Erzsébet krt. 40-42. III/18.

1 indicates Budapest

07 indicates the 7th district

3 indicates the part of the district

Bp. is the abbreviation of Budapest

the ’krt.’ in. ’Erzsébet krt.’ is theabbreviation of ’körút’ = round boulevard (u/utca = street, tér=square, út=road, avenue, kerület/ker.= district)…

40-42. is the house number

III. (roman numeral) is the floor number

18. is the apartment number

(Addresses often include a roman numeral (I-XXII.) instead of the area code to indicate the district.)


We do not provide breakfast/lunch/dinner in our apartments, but you are welcome to use the mechanized, ready for cooking kitchens.

If you want to eat somewhere, here are some places nearby that we can recommend:

Name of the place



Frici Papa Kifőzdéje VII. district, Király u. 55.
Cactus Juice Pub&Restaurant VI. district, Jókai tér 5.
Kiadó Kocsma VI. district, Jókai tér 3.
Arriba Taqueria VI. district Teréz körút 25.
Istanbul VI. district, Teréz krt. 23.
Braseio VI. district, Teréz krt. 23.
Planet Sushi VI. district, Oktogon tér 3.
T.G.I. Friday’s VI. district, Oktogon tér 3.
Subway VI. district, Oktogon tér 4.
McDonald’s VI. district, Teréz krt. 19.
Burger King VI. district, Oktogon tér 1.
Westend City Center VI. district, Váci út 1-3.


Parking is available nearby.

You can park on the street next to us. Parking must be paid for between the hours of 8 am – 8 pm Monday to Friday. If you don’t find any available parking spot in our street (Erzsébet krt.) you can go to the smaller streets in our neighbourhood or parking houses.

There are parking places/houses nearby:

1) Dob Parking Budapest – EZ Parkolóház Dob utca

Address: Budapest, 7th district, Dob street 63.
GPS Coordinates: 47.501502, 19.066735
Phone number: +36 20 2062 256

2) WestEnd City Center

Address: Budapest, 6th district, Váci út 1-3.


General information:

The capital is sectioned into several parking zones, and different parking fees are charged according to the zone (between HUF 175 and 525 per hour). When parking, a ticket must be purchased from the nearest ticket machine for the entire period the car is to be left in the parking lot. This ticket should be displayed behind the windscreen. Minimum parking time: 15 minutes, beyond which the ticket machine gives a ticket for the amount of time equivalent to the sum of money inserted. Maximum waiting time: 2 – 3 hours. For longer periods, it is recommended that you leave your car in parking houses.
Cars parked illegally will be clamped by the Municipal Public Roads Department. Any car fitted with a wheel clamp will also have an information sheet in several languages stuck to the windscreen to inform the driver how to go about having the clamp removed.


From 1 September 2013 a new Taxi Decree was introduced in Hungary regulating the price* of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 280 HUF/Km (0.95 EUR/Km) in addition to the one-off basic fee of 450 HUF (1.50 EUR) and waiting fee. A ride to the city center should typically cost around 6500 HUF (22 EUR) depending on traffic conditions.

Please be aware of exposing yourself at risk by using non-regulated taxi service providers. Taxis have yellow registration number plates and must have a fare meter that can give a receipt. The price charged depends on a flat fee plus the distance traveled and (if appropriate) a waiting fee. Tip about 10%. Taxis are normally cheaper if you call ahead – this is the usual practice in Budapest, so don’t try to hail one on the street, and avoid ones that merely say TAXI on the top. These are private operators who tend to overcharge. The major taxi companies speak some English, just give your name and the address or location to be picked up.

Barát Taxi
Tel: +
Tel.: +
Taxi 2000
Tel.: +
6×6 Taxi
Tel.: +
Minimobil Taxi
Tel.: +36.1.333.2222
Taxi 4
Tel.: +36.1.444.4444
City Taxi
Tel.: +
Rádió-Tele 5 Taxi
Tel.: +36.1.777.7777
Tel.: +36.1.888.800


Budapest’s network of public transport services includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, underground trains (Metró) and above-ground suburban trains (HÉV).

Tickets must be bought before boarding and are available at underground stations, news kiosks, and from vending machines at many bus and tram stops. A new ticket has to be validated at the beginning of each journey. Insert it into the slot in the small orange/red box situated near the doors of buses, trolleybuses, trams and HÉV trains, and before the escalators at Metró stations. Ticket inspectors can ask to see tickets and passes on any vehicle and anywhere on the underground system, including after you have got off. Being unable to produce a ticket may see you being slapped with a fine of up to 16,000 HUF.

Trams are probably the most scenic way to get around the city and the main tram lines you’ll need to use are 2, 4, 6, 47 and 49. The first runs along the Danube, whereas lines 4 and 6 represent the busiest lines in Europe and run around the Grand Boulevard (körút). Lines 47 and 49 depart from Deák Ferenc square and run over Szabadság Bridge into Buda.

Lost & Found: for articles lost on public transportation, call +36.1.322.6613

For more information, see

(Legenda City Pass entitles you to unlimited travel on public transport within Budapest.  Only while Legenda City Pass is valid.)


Don’t be a confused caller, just follow these tips for stress-free dialing:

  1. From one landline or payphone to another in Budapest, simply dial the seven-digit number.
  2. When calling outside the city or to a mobile, add the city code (Budapest is 1) or carrier code (20/30/70).
  3. To call internationally, dial exit code: 00 + country code + area code + local number. The country code for Hungary is 36.
  4. If you are having problems getting through, dial 00 for the international operator, and ask him or her to place the call.

Useful phone numbers

Police: 107
Ambulance: 104
Fire: 105
Central Emergency: 112
Directory Assistance: 198
English Phone Directory: 191
International Operator: 199
24-hour hotline: +36.1.463.9165 +36.1.463.9181
24-hour English language crime hotline: +36.1.438.8080
Lost & Found: +36.1.322.6613

If you lose your passport, try not to panic and report it to the following authority:  Budapest and Pest County Directorate of the Office for Immigration and Citizenship. (1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 60.)


Tourinform offices are located in both airport terminals and at the downtown:

1051 Bp., Sütő utca 2. (Deák Ferenc tér)

1061 Bp., Liszt Ferenc tér 11.

Alternatively, just call their 24-hour hotline: +36.1.438.8080 or drop an email to


Most post offices are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. The two Head Post Offices near Budapest’s main railway stations are open longer:

  1. 1066 Budapest, Teréz körút 51.,  (Western [Nyugati] Railway Station)  Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.- 8 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  2. 1087 Budapest, Baross tér 11.,  (Eastern [Keleti] Railway Station):     Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-9 p.m., Sat. 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
  3. 1147 Budapest, Pillangó utca 15.,  Budapest Fogarasi úti TESCO post office is open NONSTOP!

All post offices offer cash facilities for VISA, VISA Electron, Eurocard/Mastercard, and Maestro cards, as well as Eurocheques and American Express traveler’s checks and money orders. Faxes can be sent and received in most post offices.